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What Is Dynamic Keyword Insertion For WordPress?

Future Marketing Technology For Today.


    Dynamic Keyword Insertion for WordPress landing pages.

    An advanced technological feature that dynamically updates text on your wordpress  pay per click landing pages, affiliate links, sales letters and blogs to include the exact keyword that matched a customer’s search term from Google, Bing, Yahoo and a dozen other search engines. The DKI plugin was you covered. This once reserved elite technology for Google adwords is now conveniently available for your WordPress site.

    Deceptively Simple Incredibly Powerful.

    The DKI Plugin is a snap to install and setup is a breeze to apply on internet marketing landing page, product sales page, PPC landing page, squeeze pages and more. The premium wordpress plugin with its user-friendly interface is perfect for beginners and experts. When applied correctly nothing compares to the power of the coolest wordpress plugin that packs a punch.

    Harness the power of simplified analytics.

    Simple and uncluttered analytics to apply keyword search term results to business data, to describe results, predict, and improve overall business performance. Organic search, Google adwords, Microsoft ad center and other pay per click search results are conveniently captured. Easily Identify the exact keyword that custumers are using to reach your website and the keywords that are boosting click rates and conversions.

    To Good to be this easy. Turn it on and its ready to go.

    The fast and easy way to trigger increased click-through rate and conversions from your visitors. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) constantly requires manual updates to your websites code and can be costly to stay effective. Turn on the power of DKI Plugin and your website is instantly updated to match exactly what your customer is looking for. Proven powerful and effective.